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The Tsar's Treasure: The Sunken White Star Liner With a Billion
The Tsar's Treasure: The Sunken White Star Liner With a Billion
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Eight Treasure Hunting Shows for Your Adventurous Spirit by Christopher Carson
Eight Treasure Hunting Shows for Your Adventurous Spirit

Eight Treasure Hunting Shows for Your Adventurous Spirit

It’s Tuesday night, 8 o’clock. You’ve just finished dinner and settled down on the couch to watch some TV before bed. Your DVR is full of shows that are starting to bore you; Netflix is littered with D-grade movies and shows that pale in comparison to your home videos. Instead of mechanically watching another monotonous program, sate your adventurous side and explore a series with suspense hidden in its very nature; one of these eight treasure hunting shows may be buried treasure in your video library.

Treasure Quest

Are you brave enough to follow Gregory Stemm and Tom Dettweiler as the search for sunken vessels such as: the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, the HMS Victory, the RMS Laconia, and the Marqise de Tornay? It’s all hands on deck for the crew of the Odyssey Marine Exploration as they traverse the English Channel in pursuit of lost and forgotten ships. Lost galleons and artifacts await those daring enough to make the plunge into the ocean depths. Do riches and rewards await the crew of the Odyssey Marine Exploration, or are trials and tribulations all they have to look forward to on this Discovery Channel series?

Curse of Oak Island

Off the southern tip of Nova Scotia is a tree-covered landmass known as Oak Island; an anomaly that has intrigued treasure hunters for hundreds of years. The Curse of Oak Island is a History Channel series based on two brothers, Marty and Rick Lagina, and their exploits on the island.
The Laginas along with Craig Tester, Dan Blankenship, and David Blankenship attempt to
discover and research the speculated treasure that could be buried on Oak Island. Theories are tested, history is retold, discoveries are made, and the sometimes fatal attempts at uncovering the islands mysteries are detailed. Whatever they’re doing, the drama keeps building, having carried the show into its third season and gaining popularity along the way.

Legend of the Superstitious Mountains

Have you heard the mysteries revolving around the Superstitious Mountains near Apache Junction? For years, treasure hunters have been searching for gold and artifacts among those mountains, hunting for the “Dutchman’s Treasure.” This show follows five Dutch hunters as they look for the Lost Dutchman Mine. Eric Magnuson, Woody Wampler, Frank Augustine, Eric Deleel, and Wayne Tuttle illuminate these superstitions and allow the viewing public to join in on the journey on this History Channel show.


Prostitution, misogyny, violence, politics, immigration, and most of all gold, the series
Deadwood is another classic from HBO. Based in the South Dakota town of Deadwood, it
follows the post-Civil War years in an area that is outside of United States territory and
ungoverned by its laws. Those looking to get rich flock to the city in search of gold and get a lot more than they bargained for. While this character-driven drama isn’t all about the hunt for gold, it is about the (often tragic) lives of those who are always seeking more.

Mud Men

We’re not talking about the guys who play dirty in the advertising world of the 1950s, we’re talking about guys who actually get literally dirty—by getting covered in mud. Now it’s time for you to get down and dirty with the Mud Men of the History Channel. Get your honorary Mudlark membership as you follow the river hunters as they scavenge the waterways of Britain. Johnny Vaughn and Nick Stevens, along with Stolli the rock dog who’s there to get some paw-on action of his own, take you on a dive through the murky depths in the search for treasure, with laughs and some unexpected finds along the way.


This isn’t just another story about daring to search for gold and glory. Klondike is an intense six part mini-series that aired on Discovery channel that aims to entertain and educate, as well as quicken your pulse a little. Set in the Yukon region of Canada in the late 1890s, the series is based off of two adventures’ exploits during the Klondike Gold Rush. The show depicts many of the hardships that treasure hunters faced during their travels, including unruly weather, dangerous adversaries, and pure bad luck. Produced by Ridley Scott, this series is a short, but fun way to acclimate yourself to adventures on TV.

Dig Wars

Put on your walking shoes, grab the metal detectors, and get ready for some competitive treasure hunting. Since June of 2013, the Travel has brought some inventive excitement to the world of exploration. Teams have from sun-up to sun-down to search various locations in the hunt for artifacts. The winner is decided by a local evaluator of each team’s discoveries. If you can handle all the beeping detectors, this show is a quirky twist to the game show world.

Cash and Treasures (Kirsten Gum: Treasure Hunter)

This adventure reality show originally aired on the Travel Channel in 2006. The show’s original host, Becky Worley, traveled around the world in search of unfound “treasures” of all kinds: coins, artifacts, precious metals, antiques, and other valuables. When Becky Worley left the show after the first season, it was revamped and rebooted under host Kirsten Gum in several ways. The series was renamed Kirsten Gum: Treasure Hunter as she gave her own take on the Cash and Treasures franchise.

These are just the tip of the iceberg in treasure hunting shows, which have gained immense popularity over the past few years because of their inherently inspirational nature. Do a little digging yourself and see what other great discoveries you come across; there is a whole treasure trove of adventure stories waiting to be found.

This article was published on Wednesday 11 November, 2015.
by Christopher Carson
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